Bulk SMS Service: Reaching Millions In One Go

Own, a new enterprise? Wish to expand its reach exponentially by making it known to the masses? Well, Bulk SMS is the quicker, simpler and cheaper way of boosting your startups and SMB’s and allow them to reach the mass public in a very short span of time. Wondering exactly what I believe by Bulk […]

SMS Services in Pakistan – A Brief Introduction

High speed and perfection have been the two buzzwords from the 21st century. Regardless of whether you are a student, a working professional or a company person; to live a prosperous life in the current world you should follow the rule of the modern world. Since communicating plays a pivotal part in the present age, […]

SMS Marketing in Pakistan

SMS 4 Connect has been providing SMS services in Pakistan and Middle East Since 2011. We are serving almost all sectors of life where SMS are required for communication and marketing purposes. We proudly announce we have mainly served the following sectors and industries: Restaurants Charities Colleges & Universities Digital Agencies Estate Agents Gyms & […]

Use of Branded SMS in Election Campaign

General elections in Pakistan are around the corner. All participants are looking for effective and economical ways to promote their political party and ensure their message is conveyed to the appropriate segment and area (segmental and demographic/geographical campaigns). In previous elections, SMS campaigns have played a vital role in the election campaigns. SMS promotional campaigns […]

SMS (Short Messaging Services) – Marketing Campaigns

In the last decade, the fashion of marketing campaigns via SMS got a hike. Pakistan adopted this technology very quickly and 1ST 4 Connect has played a very important role in this development in Pakistan. SMS 4 Connect recommend the following factors should be considered for SMS campaign: An SMS should be within 160 characters. […]

SMS Marketing and Real Estate

Real Estate business is one of the important elements of Pakistan Economy. Pakistan is currently the 6th largest nation in the world. It is projected to become the world’s fifth most populous country in the next decade. Real Estate has always been the most profitable business of all times in the history of Pakistan. Real […]

Medium and Small Size Businesses and SMS Marketing

Pakistan is a rapidly growing economy and some economists consider Pakistan has emerged as the second rapidly growing economy in Asia. Pakistan business units can be classed as estimated 2% large-scale business and 98% small to medium size businesses (SMEs). According to a study Pakistan has approximately 4 million business units’ means around 3.92 million […]

SMS Marketing and Challenges Faced by the Businesses

MS marketing is one of the important channels to market your product and service. Especially in Pakistan where the mainstream advertising is not in the reach of small to medium size businesses due to its cost. SMS marketing is the best option for advertising for all types of businesses. SMS marketing, not only cost effective […]

Short Messaging Service (SMS) – History

One way or the other messaging has become an integral part of our communication. Every day millions of users send and receive SMS but most are not aware of the history or lifeline of SMS.Let’s start, by giving you an idea of prehistoric events of SMS invention. It is not clear, how actually this idea […]

SMS and Health Sector

Branded SMS is being used by Governments, private organisations, non-government organisations a lot for health awareness campaigns. In recent days we have also observed lots of blood banks are maintain their mobile numbers data of donors linked with blood groups. Governments’ across the world have initiated lots of pilot projects to spread the news, sending […]