In the last decade, the fashion of marketing campaigns via SMS got a hike. Pakistan adopted this technology very quickly and 1ST 4 Connect has played a very important role in this development in Pakistan.

SMS 4 Connect recommend the following factors should be considered for SMS campaign:

  1. An SMS should be within 160 characters. A longer message is not considered to be appropriate.
  2. A continuous marketing campaign is required. Achieving the results with one campaign is very difficult and hard.
  3. A series of campaigns should be designed with appropriate text messages.
  4. Selection of data is most of the critical part in the SMS campaigns
  5. Regarding the selection of data or the audience/clients/customers, we always suggest the business to collect your own data. Collection of the data from your own clients increase the loyalty and boost sale.
  6. Ignorance of an issue does not mean that issue does not exist. Mobile Network Portability (MNP), delivery on ported numbers, this has always been a challenge globally. In recent years industry (at a global) level has tried to overcome the problem. The solution has extra cost and is reliable to the certain extent.
  7. Do not copy past the SMS text, it is strongly recommended to type the SMS not copy past.
  8. Pakistan has 4 telecom operators and has all have their own SMS solution with different technical parameters. SMS 4 Connect recommend do not use special characters in SMS.
  9. In case if special characters are required to be the part of SMS ensure it is typed not copy past.
  10. SMS can also be sent in Urdu or local language. When sending SMS in Urdu or local language select the language parameter.
  11. SMS can also be sent Via API (Application Programme Interface) when using API again need to ensure appropriate language parameter is being selected.
  12. SMS 4 Connect API can be configured with any language or programme